Strategic SEO analysis

Our strategic SEO audit services make us the perfect partner for your long-term SEO campaign.

We offer in-depthSEO analysis and strategy development tailored to your goals:

1) SEO Audit

We start by analysing the main factors of your website to take into account:

  • Target keyword research
  • On-site improvement (coding, architecture and contents)
  • Backlink
  • Other ranking factors (speed, landing page, responsive web design, UI/UX) 
  • Direct competitors
  • Strenghts and main critical areas

2) Strategy development

We decide the best strategy for you based on: 

  • Goals
  • SEO audit results
  • Keyword research 

Why choose us for SEO Audit:

  • A welll-tested and successful method
  • Clear SEO strategies that work
  • Daily monitoring of your site’s scoring
  • We rely on state-of-the art tools
  • Clear and easy-to-read reporting
  • Dedicated SEO experts you can always reach out to

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